1. Log In
  2. Click Inbox
  3. I see the PM page
  4. Click "Log Out" from "AssertNull" dropdown menu to the left of "Finder" dropdown menu.
  5. Directed to Dazah permissions page: "DaniWeb uses Dazah to power its social features and requests the ability to: Manage your Dazah user profile Manage your Dazah conversations Manage your Dazah groups"
  6. Click "Continue as Fred" button.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 endlessly trying and failing to log out. Well, not endlessly. Eventually I get a sad face on the Dazah page as opposed to step 5.

If I navigate somewhere else between step 3 and 4, say the "Daniweb" icon to the left of the "AssertNull" dropdown, then when I logout in step 4, it works. I'm logged out and I don't go to step 5, which is a good thing. But if I try to log out when I'm looking at PM's on Daniweb, I can't.

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What you're describing is the intended behavior.

You are accessing the message inbox.
You click log out.
It logs you out, and then redirects you back to the page you were just on (in this case, the message inbox).
The message inbox is a member-only feature controlled by Dazah.
Dazah informs you that it's needed to power DaniWeb's social features and asks if you want to continue.
You click Continue to log back in.
You end up logged in again.

OK, intended behavior, so not a bug. But shouldn't it be a bug? If I'm logging out, shouldn't it log me out and then not try to direct me back to my Inbox? When I log out of Gmail, it doesn't try to return me to my Gmail Inbox. By logging out, I'm signalling that I'm done with that page. Seems like logout should re-direct to the page you were just on unless that is a page that can only be accessed logged in, in which case a redirect to the http://www.daniweb.com would be the right move.

If I'm in Area 51 and logout, I'm never directed to Dazah. I get an error message saying that forum is Members Only, then there's a "Go Back" button. I click that button, nothing happens, then I click it again and I'm on the main Daniweb page, logged out. No redirect to Dazah, no "Continue as Fred" button, no return to Daniweb logged in again. Shouldn't Area 51 and the Inbox page be the same?

By logging out, I'm signalling that I'm done with that page.

I can see how that would be true for pages only accessible when logged in. The site's current behavior is such that when you log out, you are immediately returned to whatever page you were on (so when on a forum thread, if you log out, you're returned to the forum thread). I can see why that behavior isn't intuitive for pages only accessible when logged in.

Shouldn't Area 51 and the Inbox page be the same?

The reason they aren't is because the Inbox requires specific Dazah functionality and Area 51 doesn't. But, yes, that distinction is really a behind-the-scenes thing. As far as an end user should be concerned, the behavior should be the same.