When I receive the DaniWeb Digest the subject line includes some sort of query string - DaniWeb Digest for t=?UTF-8?Q?instaafl?=

That's so strange. Did this just start? Or has it affected previous issues as well?

It just showed up on the post from Oct 13. However I just noticed it's happening on the Watched Article update as well - Watched Article Upda=?UTF-8?Q?tes=20on=20D?=aniWeb

BTW my email client is Yahoo in Chrome

I went to check to see if it's happening to me and realized I'm not getting my email updates at all, since June! Hmm ... Will investigate.

Ok more weirdness lol. The email displays fine in the Yahoo Mail app for android. But, 3 different browsers on 2 different machines all have the same problem.

Not present when using Gmail (on any of my three DaniWeb accounts) - looks like it might be a Yahoo mail client specific thing.

I agree I just noticed that emails from other sites are doing the same thing. Since this doesn't appear to be a Daniweb problem I'll mark this solved. Thanks all.