I've made a couple of lengthy posts over the last couple of days and have noticed a few bugs with the editor. Nothing show-stopping but some make the editing process more difficult or some content vanish! (I added the 'nerd' Emoji in one of my posts, it saved without errors but all subquent content in the post was missing!). Rather than me add them here, is there a tracker somewhere so they can be categorised, verified and dealt with? If there is, I'm happy to post detailed steps, screenshots, even animated gifs if that gives whoever will be looking at it a better chance :)

The very best place to submit a bug report is here. You can tag the thread with bug if you'd like, but please always submit one bug per thread :)

That being said, I'm so super sorry this happened to you. Are you able to reproduce it? What does the nerd emoji look like?

It's ok, was only a paragraph. I believe what happened is a result of MySQL's encoding. Let's try it in this comment...

Nerd emoji will follow this line

Here is how the post looked when I submitted it.

So, the two obvious options are to modify MySQL's collation to utf8mb4. Clearly this is a big task and there's potential risk, for something of such minimal priority it's not worth it. The easier and lower friction way is to strip out offending characters before saving.

Ooooh!! Yes, we use UTF-8, but not the MB4 part which apparently allows for the emoticons.

We do strip out offending characters before saving. However, I think what happened was our character stripper got caught up on dealing with the emoticon. Therefore, it stripped everything else away before sending everything safely to be written in MySQL.