I pulled up Opera and it had its VPN enabled. On the sites I clicked on Daniweb but was logged out so no biggy, log in. Then I went to Dazah.com and the matches felt off. Someone was zero miles away so I googled that company and it wasn't in the state. Hmm, more poking around and Dazah had me somewhere in Germany. Nope that's not right. Aha, I had the VPN enabled. No biggy, just turn that off and close the browser, open it back up and check Dazah again. Still in Germany.

Fix: Logout and log back in and now Dazah knows where I am for real.

-> Shouldn't we be able to specify where we are?

This will be fixed in the upcoming DaniWeb+Dazah merger. Thanks!! And stay tuned.

Thanks for that. I've been talking with a few folk about geo-location and with the rise in VPN use we really have to be able to set our location manually. Out of ten discussions about 8 didn't get it so my thought is they are just new and later it will dawn on them what is going wrong and why we'll have to let the user set the location.

The merging of Dazah and DaniWeb means one big, highly configurable user profile that combines the aspects of each.

commented: Good to read that location will be customizable. +0