I've noted how the home page seems sparse but why is that lone upvote there at all? It's not that interesting and there's no way to dismiss it or fill the page with what I choose.
See attached screen. NOPE. The image upload looks broken. I'll try Imgur and it's markdown.

No other forum leaves this so barren. I was hoping to see it flourish over time. Or see controls, options to have it be a place to go often.

And when there are items besides this, they seem to be random in size and match as to my interests. It's such a mismatch that I've not getting the point at all about that page.
BTW, https://www.daniweb.com/articles/latest/recommended coughs up the Oops! page.

I don't see the Imgur markdown working either. Here's a link.

Reverend Jim commented: Handsome devil though. Right? +0

You visit DaniWeb too frequently. We don't have that much new content coming in lately. The algorithm has decided that there's simply nothing new that could possibly be of interest to you since your last visit.

Something that would actually really help me to fix up this algorithm is to link me to topics that actually are of interest to you, but aren't appearing on the homepage ... e.g. is the algorithm bad in such a way that there's stuff that you think it should be showing you, but it's not? (It should be noted that if there are new posts in a topic we think you'd be interested in, we'll display it on the homepage, but once you read it, whether you accessed it via the homepage or otherwise, it disappears from the homepage).

And a perfect opportunity for that page to show articles about:

  1. Getting more out of DaniWeb.
  2. How to connect to others on DW.
  3. Special offers.
  4. Our News Channel.

Those items or such could be formatted much like the "Related Topics" I see on screen while in this discussion.

This home page has felt like this since the changeover. DW's login system is now what folk expect so that's great but this home page screams like a hungry child.

Also, image upload looks broken. I couldn't find an example of what the markdown should look like so I just pasted in what Imgur.com gave and see it just hyperlinked. Strange.

Also, image upload looks broken.

How so? What errors are you getting? What isn't working?

And a perfect opportunity for that page to show articles about ...

Those are definitely some good ideas, and things I've thought about in the past, but have not yet gotten around to. I understand the value of the homepage, and it's not going to be backburnered for too much longer.

I must test with other browsers. Here it is Firefox with no adblockers etc.

The image is selected and the thumbnail shows but it never finishes. Just a thumbnail with a "Cancel uload" below it.
I tried it with a rather small sub 15K image and it just sat there. Now to try Opera, Chrome, etc.

Test upload from Opera. Doesn't appear to work here.

commented: I think have to check the Flash status. +0

Test upload from Chrome. Same. Thumbnail with a Cancel upload but next finishes. No error messages.

Worked for Chrome. Now testing Safari. I'm on MacOS.

OK. Next to try is my travel laptop. I'm not aware I changed a thing here. Very strange.

Try clearing out your browser cache. Do you use browser plugins?

test from my travel laptop.... And success. "Never mind." Now to see why my workhorse is stumbling.

Wait a minute, where is the image? Attaching again.

And on Chrome without any plugins, etc. It looks to upload the .jpg but will it Preview or post?

Does not show in Preview. Trying to post next.

OK,off to the Chromebook. That's as clean as I can make it.

Test test test.

It might be the specific image you're trying to upload?? Please link to it on Imgur and I will download it from there and try to attach it.

From the Chromebook. Different image, looks to be uploaded but doesn't show in Preview either. Next stop. Smart Phones.

PS. I should make a new topic but is there an account issue? No more direct messaging for me?

And no images still. Yes, trying other images as I change platforms.

What do you mean no more direct messaging for you?

No images for Android phones. Should I try my iPhone?

I think you might have missed my last post.

It might be the specific image you're trying to upload?? Please link to it on Imgur and I will download it from there and try to attach it.

OK, I have images on Imgur so download and attached. Working on it. \
Link https://i.imgur.com/pFCrT0B.png
Seems to have uploaded like other times. Test post.

So that works. I wonder why. Very very strange. Will have to look around why that could be.

I'm pretty sure it's related to the specific image or file trying to be uploaded.

Attached gif image via Firefox

It probably is but this is a new issue. I've used images many times before but what is new is what I'm trying to sort out. I tried with more than one file and a file that was unique on the Chromebook and second travel laptop so my bet is this won't be the last we'll hear about this.

I'll be able to fix this if you give me an Imgur link that doesn't work for you.

The image issue will come back if others start using it. That's my bet.

For now I have a workaround so I'll take that and return to my top subject. It appears that the home page is working as designed so I'm marking this solved.

That done, I can only hope the home page evolves to something better. For now, I think I'll just point my shortcut elsewhere.