Member profiles now have a new statistic that measures impact. It counts how many people the user has reached. It should be noted that we just started calculating this number earlier this year, so at this time, the highest number is roughly one million.

ernie.cordell commented: It's a good post. Shows interest. With my participation, it's better than I can do +0

I'm seeing 1.2 million for Dani, similar numbers for Happy Geek, James Cherrill. Me at 800K+.

PS. Added with edit. Homepage change noticed too. Much better.

Out of curiosity, do you find this statistic motivating? In other words, is it motivating to contribute and see how many people you've touched / impacted as a result of your efforts?

I found the number surprising but not moving. Maybe those that live on Facebook, Twitter and such may put more value here. For me it's interesting but would not influence me one way or the other.

To me it's important to try. I am running into folk that are scared to try, scared to be wrong. I think making an attempt is important otherwise you won't learn more about many things.