When clicking on commenting icon thats attached to post with quotation of other post, new window pops up letting us comment on tthe quoted post, not the post thats an answer to quoted post. Shouldnt be like this.

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I just tried this and it seems fine. Can you tell more about how to create the issue?

If you click the Comment button within a post, it is whatever post that you pressed the comment button from within that gets quoted. Your comment appears below the post. It doesn't matter if the post includes a quote or not, the behavior is the same.

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@rprofit: create new topic > wait till it gets answered > click on comment; see what got commented.... first post in the thread instead of the post you wish to reply to......

So this is only when it's my post? I can't make this happen to this (your) post here?

You can’t comment on your own posts, if this is what you’re referring to. I am unable to reproduce what you’re saying.

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