Rage Hits Stores on Sept. 12, 2011, for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

During their presentation at QuakeCon today, id Software announced the official release date for Rage on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC as September 12, 2011. It seems far off, but a software crash during the presentation illustrates the incomplete state of the game.Carmack Announces Rage for the iPhone/iPad At a separate event yesterday afternoon, Doom creator, John Carmack, unveiled a new release on an unlikely platform. After expressing the impact of new technologies on production, and the advent of mobile gaming, he presented an in game preview of Rage for the iPhone. The game is scheduled for release prior to the already announced versions on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Carmack also promised a low price point that shouldn’t break the bank. The game was running on an iPhone 4, but he noted that the tech behind the game translates well to the elder iPhone 2G, and is even more impressive on the iPad. The game looked impressive, running at 60 fps according to Carmack, MegaTextures and all. [youtube]keu4GiTGQ6M[/youtube] The advent of larger and more expensive apps convinced Carmack that the iPhone was a viable platform for Rage, and similar games that require hefty amounts of memory. He checks the market every six months or so and the time is finally right in his, and id’s, eyes. He created the iPhone version after working on a project for the Wii. While there have been no announcements regarding an Android version, he noted that id is considering it. After a brief show of hands, he was able to illustrate the lower ratio of Android users who spend $20 on apps vs. iPhone users.

The game is scheduled to arrive later this year, and should wet the appetite of those awaiting Rage’s bigger brother on consoles/PCs. There is another iPhone Rage game in the works that will also release along the other versions.

I recently posted a pre-review to this game from some screenshots that look great on the iphone. Not sure when it will be available to the public yet, but when it does, boom there goes the dynamite.

Does Carmack ever sleep? This man is like an engineering and programming machine, his code is also always full of the most nifty tricks.