Hey all yes the join date says i have been here a while but in reality i have been here for a week. So i thought i will say hi.

Bit about me:

  • Born in Australia then moved to the UK
  • I am 17 (at the moment)
  • I'm in the Territorial Army
  • I'm a massive sports fan (mainly rugby)
  • My main coding interests are PHP and ASP

Hope this is enough ;)


im 18 and from the UK too, there are many of us too

im going to the army and navy rugby game in may at twickenam

sweet well nice to meet your aquaintance :P this seems to be a really useful place

uhm! I have already seen you in php forum! But, welcome (?) to Daniweb :P

yes we have spoken before nav33n, but meh give it time i will be beating you to those posts :P

Btw thanks for the rep

Welcome to Daniweb friend :)

Howdy, and Welcome to Daniweb :)