Finally I have found what I have been looking for for quite a while. A community for techies. I glad I have just joined DaniWeb, and look forward to chatting to people who can help me sharpen my skills, which are java, html, sql, a bit of javascript and web designing as a whole.

But what I really need it a friend or partner who is willing to assist me with ecommerce websites for a club we are planning to host. I need the site to help me generate some income so I can send my self to school to study Robotic which I always wanted to learn after watching my first Transformers (Autobot & Decepticon) at the age of six. now I'm 32 and fighting desperately not to let my dreams die. I also want to Terraform the sahara desert with the use of robots We create, and then the moon, next stop the asteroid belt to form cybertron.

Some think that all these are impossible but I have seen the vision and I believe it. I would do anything to contribute to the fulfillment of the dreams so I don't go to the grave regretting not doing anything about it.

Welcome to Daniweb! So u wanna build transformers? It's always good to have dreams :)

I have always believe that it is possible. After all they have create the toys why not the real thing. besides they don't have to be bigger than humans. all we need to do is program them and give em a bit of AI

Thanks for the tip, I see that you have been a member for a long time now. So seeing your rep power and all it also means that you know people or at least how to get them on your side. I appreciate. Thanks again


And yeah, ancient dragon is pretty cool.

so are you, how is the weather like in Dundee. And peace be with you. meanwhile do you believe that we can give life to the Autobots?