Hello everyone, I'm new here and in short time of fast surfing have found this community as what I had been looking for. Thanks very much for whoever thought of this and finally whoever contributed to bringing it to life.

I'm a basic web developer with a little experience but with a very strong interest to grow and become knowledgeable and experienced developer in few time to come. I have been a computer/network technician since 2000 - mid 2007, from then but I developed a strong interest in web development and this is what I'm now, trying to do myself with cms like joomla and mambo as well. Currently owning a Web development company and it's website (<URL SNIPPED> but under development using joomla, currently owning a big space for hosting website. And this would be my idea for now, I'm capable of offering web-space for whoever is starting a project that I can partner with. My space is too big for me, it will take me time to fill it, so I'm looking for patners to host for free, work together and share whatever available even after sometime (not strictly at the start). Have spoken too much, let me leave it here and let anyone contact me for more. Thank you very much again.