Hi guys,

I am brand new to this forum and since the welcome message beacons me to post an introduction of myself I figure I might as well do that.

My name is Tony Lindskog - I run several different sites, none that really seem to actually get launched, home site is SNIP - but the project I am about to launch is SNIP; if anyone is interested in how it works (similar to neoseeker.com) PM me or just let me know and I will tell you all about it.

Anyways, born in Sweden, moved here at the age of 19, about 13 years ago, living in the mid-west, 4 kids (2 of each kind) and married.

I build and fix computers for a living, design web sites, but I also work as the US Sales Office for LogicNow - the creators of such great software as PerlDesk, PerlBill and soon to be released LogicBill.

I am active on a few different forums, whmautopilot.com, DesignTechnica.com, Namepros.com and a few others.

That's me in a nutshell...


hey yo, welcome to Dani's humble abode, she will be around to say hey soon. So welcome and have fun.

Wow - that was quick. :) Thank you!

I don't know if I posted this wrong as a new post or if I should have just appended it to the top post.. :( if so, could someone move it?


Hey there :) Sorry I took so long to get here. I was away at a convention and then came home and slept for a few days straight. I tried visiting Shackbase but it just says the site is under construction. Do you own all the network sites listed? I really like your hardware ranking site :)

Don't worry about where you posted. I've finally taken the plunge and created a new Introductions forum. So that sticky thread at the top is now locked, anyways :)

Hi Dani, thanks for saying hi! :)

Yeah - Shackbase.com is a chunk of different projects in various levels of completion; I love starting projects but am less likely to finish one.

The Ranking sites will be the first on the list to be finished and launched - a lot of time and money has gone into them, 4 in all, although Hardware Ranking is the only one that is semi-live right now.

Feel free to comment, would love to hear yours and anyone elses thoughts on them,


Ooh, you're completely different than me. I started DaniWeb and now it's just my baby :)

comming up with ideas is the fun part - but that doesn't really pay the bills.

Something big is in the works for the ranking sites, really excited about that.

Setting up a forum is a hard thing to do though, I've thought about doing that but how many times have you seen a forum with 7 posts in them, all together? sad...

What would you say you did to get make this forum as big as it is today and how long has it actually been up?


'Hello im a newbie.Iam web designer.my hobbies are designing and creating new things. Hope to become valuable member'.

Finally, I became part of this very informative site. I'm Danielle Hudges and the reason why I join here is because I really want to interact with the people in this forum in order for me to learn a lot of things since we all love computers and internet. I also wanna share what I know so hopefully I would be a good addition here.