Howdy folks. I'm a newbie here. I am working on a remote server that we rent for our coldfusion websites. It has Windows Server 2003 installed on it. Something is wrong with the operating system, and I'm hoping that I won't have to reinstall it. It mostly works, but there are some things which are just "off" like the recycle bin. I cannot open it. Files don't go there. It's just locked up. I cannot even read the properties for the recycle bin.

I looked around on Microsoft's website and found a hotfix that one could obtain in the event that you migrated the server ... something about active directory and that maybe the recycle bin had something in it when you did the migration might cause symptoms like these, but I'm not sure it fits.

Anybody else experience this and/or have a fix?


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Can you access the Recycle Bin via Explorer?

Try this: Right click the Start Button > Explore > Right Click Recycle Bin > Empty Recycle Bin.

If this works, now try the Icon on the Desktop.

Have you Migrated any Active Directory accounts or Roaming Profiles lately?

I haven't personally, but I suspect that this problem may have been around for a while longer than I have.

The contents on the server may have been migrated from someplace else, but we wouldn't have migrated anything with Active Directory. Roaming Profiles is a suspect. I now have a better question to ask of the tech support staff of the host company.

I cannot open recycle bin any way I have tried it including via desktop or explore. I cannot look at the properties either.


Question - are you using virtual drives?

Hi Again

OK, it seems like the Recycle Bin is corrupted OR you have a policy set to disable it.

Here's a couple of things to try...

Look in Group Policy to see if the Recycle Bin is Bypassed:

1. Go to Start > Run, Type: gpedit.msc at the command prompt, and click OK.
2. Select User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer.
3. Find the Do Not Move Deleted Files To The Recycle Bin entry.
4. Check to see if it's set to Enabled. If it is, set to Not Configured or Disabled.

You can also modify this behaviour by editing the registry. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer.
3. Add a DWORD value named NoRecycleFiles, and give it a value of 0.
(Note: If set to 1, the recycle bin is disabled)
4. Close the Registry Editor, and restart the system for the change to take effect.

Flush the Recycle Bin

If you still have problems after that, try this little program to force flush the Recycle Bin:

And finally...

Delete your User Account, and Create a new one. Maybe create a test account first. Once created, test Recycle Bin.

Good Luck.

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