First personal is Robert. I'm an old component level electronic repair technician. Still love that work but not a lot of money to be made in it. So I currently find myself back in school (one of the oldest students in all my classes) at ITT Tech.

This quarter I have been introduced to a new concept. Programming with Python 3.1. The closest I had ever come to this is building simple batch files. I am still very new to the syntax and commands, but when I'm not 'arguing' with a command's syntax I am finding myself really enjoying it (I actually enjoy the arguments too but don't tell the wife LOL although I suspect she might know already). I guess I find the absolute logical nature of programming to be a real enjoyment.

I am without a doubt one of the new novices here on the forum so expect me to embarrass myself with a few really stupid questions from time to time. I ask for your forgiveness and long suffering in advance.

In conclusion allow me to say I happy to be numbered in the forum community!

Robert aka

And I'm sure the community will be happy to have you numbered amongst us :twisted: Welcome

Hi Robert, nice to meet you :D