I have come across Daniweb previously when scouring the net to find fixes to issues I was having with code, and eventually I decided to sign up and join the community.

Being my first post on this site I suppose I should first start by saying I am very excited to become an active member of the Daniweb community.


Name - Shawn Mealey
Sex - Male
Age - 21
Location - Alfred New York

Occupation 1.) - IT Support for Alfred State College, NY
Occupation 2.) - Student in the Information Technology Major

Interests Other Than Programming) - I enjoy performing arts as well as painting, computer games (mainly PC games), television and movies, walking, cooking, and reading.

Programming Languages) - I have had experience with Java, C++, C#, (little bits)C, PHP, Java Script, (little bits)Python.

I am hoping that after finals are all finished that I will be able to dedicate more of my time to doing projects and frequenting this site more often. My hope is to really nail get one programming language under my belt really well and perhaps contribute to the site by doing some tutorials.

Hello and welcome Shawn,

I am new too hope to see some python code in your posting soon

Take care