Hello all, I am new here only my second day. First a little about myself.

My name is Stephen (not Steve or steven Thanks), I am 52 years old, married with 3 children the youngest is 8, I live in Norfolk England and I am the founder and leader of Faith Flicks Ministries which is a Christian organisation. We make short animated films using stop motion, like Wallace & Gormit but not that good !:D

Computer Background. I been involved with computer for over 40 years now, one of my first computers was ZX Spectrum and Spectrum 48k along with several others. I learn Spectrum basic and Mechine code at young age ( no life a :)) and along with my brother help to devolop some famous early Speccy programs, such as the Hobbit, Dungeon n Dragrons (text base role play game) and some others. I have also help devolopers work on program like Elite (space trading game), after this era got my first PC I think it was 486 and was involve in devoloping programming for that. After this I got married and change jobs and never really got involved computers again until a few years ago.

I was happy playing games and using the internet on my PC until recently and now feel it's time i put all my experience and knowledge of Game design, programming structor and skill to the test on today computers. I downloaded Python 2.7 (Which is a really good langauge :-O) and I would recommend it to you. I was so surprised by the changes and now I find myself in need for help and support in getting grips with learning new Langauge, so I am no longer an expert just a begginer (Expert are alway learning :)).

So if known anything about Python 2.7 or 3 drop me a line and hopeful we would be able to help each other. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME but please keep them clean.

Thanks for reading this long introduction and forgive any spelling mistake but I am dyslexia. Thanks again and be Blessed :)


Hi, Stephen

Nice to meet you on daniweb forum and wish you enjoy your stay here. :)

dear i m also new comer
how r u ????