hi room, hope everyone is doing well, just joined and looking to learn and share new ideas on how to market my site...

Welcome to daniweb, see you around, hope you can contribute to the forum you are experience in.

HI welcome to daniweb, hoping to see your posts. Please tell us what you do and what you like.

Go to the forum website reviews. We can give you feedback how to improve and promote your site. Good luck

Come on tell us what you do.

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well we just have to guess your job. Do you work as a marketing manager

Hi my name is Jamaun and I am new here I just want to introduce myself to all the members here and I hope I have a splendid time here and I can share my thoughts and ideas with the members and I get to learn so many things from the senior of forum..
Thanks C u again!!

Hi jamuan

commented: should not mistype Names, no one fees happy about that. +0

Welcome Jamaun to the daniweb community.

Welcome Jamaun to the daniweb community.


Welcome to the Forum