I've been on here for a few weeks now and I JUST found this CI forum, so let me apologize for the late start, "been too busy on Python". I'm a college student, but not in an IT field. Actually I've switched majors so many times it's ridiculous, Elementary Education, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Christian Ministry. I guess I just honestly don't know what I want to sit down and listen to crap about for four years. But I do love programming, I started a long time ago and then got annoyed by while loops and just put off picking it back up forever (didn't take failure well back then) but recently I picked it back up, not sure why, relearned what little I thought I knew and now, thanks to my perseverance and the help of the amazing people here at Daniweb, I dare say I'm doing pretty darn good for a beginner. I almost want to major in IT now, "although that both; is a contested field of study due to the ever changing nature of it, and I don't want to jinx something I really enjoy by majoring in it like all my other majors :D but hey, who knows. Anyways, thanks for all the help so far Daniweb, I can't wait to keep learning and help others out when I can.

__avd commented: Hi! Welcome :) +0

Welcome aboard, pyguy62. Hope you have an enjoyable stay here:)