Hi Everybody:

I am Hervé Hope from Mauritius, 59 yrs old, and the proud father of two grown up kids (near adults now).

I have been working in the Accountancy field for some 20 odd years and operated a change of career when I became very interested in computing (which I did not study at college) in 1987. I subsequently followed a full time 2 years (1989-1991) Associate Diploma in Business Microcomputer Systems course in Sydney.

Back in Mauritius I worked as a Computer Systems Administrator for 10 years. When my company went bust in 2000 I started to work for myself as a Tourist Guide (the Mauritian employers would like to employ me and take advantage of my Accounting & Computing experience but not pay me my worth – probably because of my age).

Being a self-employed I was a free man could thus better cater for my kids’ education. Now that they are capable of looking after themselves, I am trying to setup a Tour Operator business at an unfortunately difficult time – global economic crisis. I am quite a sporty type of person (non-smoker although I can appreciate a drink - beer,whisky now and then)and this probably explains the energy and drive in my new project. I need the oxygen and am dead for ecology & very concerned by what's going on with our planet.

I have chosen to program the website ([snipped]) myself and this has probably taken more time since I have not learnt on how to program websites in my computing course. Having done it myself I shall be in a better position to upgrade the website’s contents. I am already thinking about having some links on the website and also how to contribute towards promoting it on the WWW.

I know that I have a lot to learn concerning website design, programming and promotion. I was bewildered by the tons of info & informative links on Dani-web website and am very happy to join the community & convinced that it will be a fruitful and long-standing relationship.

My compliments to one and all,

Bye for now.


Hi there,

Welcome to DaniWeb!!!! :)

I am very disappointed and would like to strongly protest about my introduction "to the community" appearing on the internet for the whole WWW, including eventual clients and competitors to consume.

I do not see how the Daniweb Community is helping me to promote and foster the best image for my business here.

I do not thank the or those person/s who have had this bright idea. Maybe it comes from those who wanted me to go through them to upgrade my website.

Touch luck as I am sticking to my opinion and actually upgrading it myself, thanks.

Please arrange to remove this adverse promotion on the web and I wish and hope that my dealings with the community remains with the community from now on.


Hervé (now a bit cold about the DaniWeb Community).