Hi, I found this forum with some google searches and I really enjoyed reading some Q&As here.

I love C++, I love C++, did I told you yet I love C++ ?

I hate C#, I really hate C# !!!!. did I told you yet I hate C# ?

I'm learning C++ so I hope I can learn a lot from the wealth of answers here ! Thanks again.

Welcome.. I think you should go with C++

good question. I tried to dig into the C# language but it scared me a lot. I had many times no clue what I was doing. I went back to C++ (did it a long time ago but not that intensive) and the more I learn about C++, the more I steered away from C#. I have always the idea in C# that I'm missing the 'whole' picture. I don't have that feeling in C++.

It's also possible that I'm very much biased that I don't like the whole MS way of doing and copying things that others invented.

It's very much possible that C# is the best tool for most of the programmers out there, and I respect that. I'm just not willing to get into something that I'm not liking. I'm not liking C#, and I'm loving C++. People should do more things they like instead what they think they should do.

One thing also, if you look at the extremely good books available these days compared to many years ago it's way more fun to learn new things these days than it was in the old days. Just my 2cents.

Fair enough, though coming from a C and C++ background I find it odd that C# would scare you more than C++. ;)

welcome .. in contrast i kinda like c# ..