Hi everyone.....................
I am a new member in this forum and this my first post in it.

happygeek commented: yawn - spammer +0

Please forgive me if I do not believe you. It's just that the exact same words posted by accounts with the exact same IP address that then go on to either post once or twice with blatant spam or sometimes just the sig spam variety that add nothing to this community or disguised promotions (plenty appear in website reviews) seem to be popping up with alarming regularity. See http://www.daniweb.com/community-center/community-introductions/threads/430223/new-member-introduction for example. Which leads me to ask, have you nothing better to do with your time?

hello friends,
I am aum, I am connected with IT Industry since last 2 years.

I am hear because I found good topics related to development site and I would like to interact with such topics.

Aum Shah.

Hello Friernds

i am also new in thi forums.

Please also join me.

Hello i'm also new here...i want to learn lots and lots about IT...
Hope we get along fine here...

thank you and more power to u guys!!