Computer has 10 to 20 minutes delay prior to booting.

Computer Specifications:

Self-built machine, (Name: DM-8)

Motherboard: ASUS P9X79 Deluxe, latest BIOS (4210), has UEFI.
Core: Intel i7-3930K
Memory: 32 GB
OS: Windows 8, 64-bit
OS & all applications installed on RAID 1 set of 2 solid state drives (Crucial 256 GB ea., CT256M4SSD2)
Self-generated data, downloads, etc. on RAID 1 set of 2 WD hard disks, 1 TB ea.


On any boot or restart the system goes through POST, offering access to BIOS (del) and to RAID settings (Ctrl-I). Then the ASUS logo is shown on each screen (two monitors) without the option to access BIOS.

That display will be there for about 10 minutes, lately up to 20 minutes.

Then Window 8 boot executes within a few seconds & normalcy has returned.

Items done so far:

Originally checked Windows event log. Nothing there 10 to 20 minutes of no entries. Only then realized that this delay apparently occurs prior to control being passed to Win8.

Upgraded BIOS to latest version.

Checked in Device manger whether any drivers are outdated, all reported ‘best driver installed’, or equivalent.

Cleared CMOS. Then reset BIOS to ‘optimized defaults’ & only changed SATA setting from AHCI to RAID.

Boot priority setting by default is ‘Windows Boot’. Tried other Option, ‘Volume 2’, which refers to the solid state RAID set. Boot under that option fails, system not finding some necessary item.

Tried cold restarts (after disconnecting/reconnecting power to motherboard.)

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Peter K

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Since you are running Windows 8 on a UEFI secure-boot enabled system, have you enabled secure boot? If so, have you registered the Windows 8 key with the UEFI BIOS?

The answer is no. Will do it right now.

did enable it, leaving all keys at their default positions.

No change, about 10 minute wait.

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You and me both man... I have the exact same mobo as you, part of my issues were fixed by going back to 7, but boot time is still a little slow...

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I would suggest updating your BIOS, they have released one that improves system stability.

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