When I switch on my computer it gives a Long beeping sound and there is no display in the moniter. What will be the problem. Can anyone pls reply..?

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If its a continuous Long beep than it can posibly be eighter the Keyboard, Power Supply or worst case scenario You're Mobo. Even though it doesnt sound like a keyboard issue seeing you cant even get a display, Ill recommend that you borrow a keyboard and a PSU (Power supply) from a buddy to run the test. Chenge them on e at a time

What is the BIOS on your PC.
AMI,Award,Phoenix,IBM or other.

AMI/ Award/Phoenix
1 long beep indicates memory error.
Try cleaning and reseating memory modules.
1 continuous beep indicates failing Power
Supply (or worse scenario failed motherboard)

Apologies sittas87, your reply came as I was typing.I tend to agree that it is most likely the PSU or motherboard.

To be specific the model type does apply. But in most cases this will be the case.
Btw, no need to apologies we're all here to help ;)

Sometimes when I power on my cpu , I hears 1 long beep and No display on screen . It happens once in a day . Eveytime it works fine
My specs
dula core 3rd gen G2020
4gb Ram Adata
1Tb seagate hardisk
Dh61Bf intel motherboard
Zebronics Gold PSU
samsung Dvd Writer

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