Hi, colleagues!

I'm IT-enthusiast from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. For last years employed as java-developer (previously for Norway and now for US-based company).

Since most programmers, when tired of writing code at their job, try relaxing writing other code when at home - I write a lot of stupid things for my own amusement.

About half a year ago I've started developing small site for newbee coders - initially I wanted only to make a clone of ProjectEuler, but without relation to math. However later it have got additional functionality and gained some miserable attention from community :)

Now when it is running somehow and had some content and small amount of users, I'm looking to extend its functionality. However I usually find myself not quite competent, so often I'm trying to ask for hints and advices from more talented or skilled people. :)

Shortly speaking that is why I'm here.

BTW, right now I have a question to English speaking people. Just last evening I've tried to add to my site functionality intended in future to answer some nonsense for beginner's programming-related questions.

Here it is: http://codeabbey.com/index/azile_chat - well, you may note that currently it has a small database and usually answers poorly - so currently I'm seeking for way to improve an algorithm.

I know about Eliza program which imitated a chat with psychiatrist so I named my prototype Azile (just the reverse of Eliza). However about a hour ago I thought that it may appear not very good word in some kind of slang. Am I right?

Well, thank you for providing a place to introduce myself - and thank you for DaniWeb (I think I've tried to use http://www.programmingforums.org/ before and was always hinted to try DaniWeb).

Hello and welcome.