Hello how are you everyone, Its jason here. I hope you all are doing well.

Hi Jason, welcome at DaniWeb. :)

Just dandy. Hope you can say the same. Welcome to Daniweb.

Morning Jason (well it is here in the UK) - hope you do better than Bono and find what you are looking for...

Forget about FINDING what he's looking for. What exactly is he looking for? He's Bono. He's led one hell of a life. He should be satisfied. Looking at the lyrics, it appears that he's looking for a girl, though my friend shook his head in disgust at me when I ran that theory by him. He wrote the song thirty years ago. If he climbed mountains and city walls (do they still have city walls that you have to climb?) in addition to being one of the most famous rock stars in history, he should take a hint. She just ain't into you. If she was, she would have gone out with you thirty years ago. Move on. You probably creeped her out by talking about speaking in tongue and hanging out with the devil.

Welcome, Jason_29.

I recently stayed in a hotel in Dublin owned by Bono and The Edge. I hunted everywhere for soap, the tv remote, aircon controls...

At least part of that statement was, indeed, true.