Hey there! I'm a 43 year old who develops software for a large insurance company. I started developing in Foxpro 15 years ago. Since then I've delved into VB.Net, PHP, Java, C++ and now C#. I've worn numerous hats - developer, manager, business analyst, dba etc... I'm currently doing ASP.NET work with C# and SQL Server. When I'm not programming I'm either fishing, motorcycling or hanging out with young people - i.e. youth at my church or my two daughters' girl scout troops. I like to drink lots of coffee - caffinated, decaff, fru fru, straight black whatever ... I hope I will be able to contribute to this forum as well as learn a few things myself.

Welcome to the DaniWeb troop :)

I'll be looking for you on the software development forums. ;) We can always use helpful people with experience.

Welcome! ..and I agree, java is better than C ;)