Hi all,
Thought I post my first thread introducing myself. As of the moment, I am a beginning web scripter trying to make my mark along the information highway. I have dreams of building a forum on my own website. And because I have NEVER used a forum before in my life, I saw it fitting that I become a member of one and get some experience posting threads and answering them.

Just FYI about myself, I am a high schooler from Texas, who is working towards an A+ certification, and I am also seriously considering obtaining an Network+ and Linux+ cetification.

- Soral 3.0

p.s. I would REALLY appreciate any input anybody has to give to a person who's never used a forum before... :confused:

welcome aboard!

Hey there Soral! Welcome to DaniWeb - I hope you enjoy your stay. I appreciate you choosing DaniWeb as your first forum :) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I hope that you'll be able to pick up on the general idea of the site in no time. If not, then I've done something wrong in designing it ;)

Thanks for the warm welcomes y'all :) .

why did you waste space by making a thread? look at the sticky thread at the top of this board... self introduction thread... READ... you learned it in what elementary school?

What's with this guy? :rolleyes:
Anyway, welcome, Soral 3.0! :D

Well killedbyc5cg4l,
If you read my post, you would have understood that I am a beginning forum user, I have VERY LITTLE idea what I am doing so I honestly appreciated your input stating that I am wasting forum space and something about sticky threads...
I would really appreciate it if you would explain to me what that is so I can save people futher aggravation with my postings of other N00b posts.
If you have the heart to, it would also be nice if you could also explain forum ettiquette to me so that I don't make a fool of myself placing out-of-place threads in the wrong places.
-Soral 3.0

P.S. red_evolve, I appreciate the welcome :)

Don't worry about it Soral, that guy was just being mean. Though, at the top of this board there is a thread that says Forum Lurkers introduce yourself, which you could have used. That is what he was saying in a not so nice way.

Ok, Thanks for the clarification CodeNinja, I was't observant enough to realize that there was already a thread for introductions.
But, is there something wrong with posting a new thread just to introduce youself?
-Soral 3.0

Personally I think that it does clutter things a bit, but I don't think it's anything illegal. Just forget about it, and post smart and you should be safe! When I say post smart I mean try to stay on the board or sub-forums' topic, and make sure that when you reply to a post you give a valid and concise answer, and that you are not answering it again when someone else had already answered it. A lot of people clutter threads by posting the same solution to one problem.

I.E. Thread Title: How do I change the title of a webpage?

reply 1: insert the title between <title></title> in the header tags

reply 2: insert the title between <title></title> in the header tags

reply 3: insert the title between <title></title> in the header tags


A lot of users just aren't observant enough, like you were saying, and they clutter threads.

Thanks for the tips basementcoder. :)
-Soral 3.0


I am new here and welcome daniweb forums....


i am new here and welcome daniweb forums....

great! Welcome! Im glad youre here!

Because we need more people to bump 6 year old threads to promote their spammy sig links!

:) :) :) :)

Hello Friends:)

I am Mike Diesen from CA....
And most welcome friends to daniweb forum community.....