Hi to you all,

I am scholly from Sydney Australia. I am a retired 65yo. I worked most of my life as an assembler programmer, programming various message switchers for telegrams,telex, private company networks etc then as a senior Unix system administrator of an international network for the Australian Telecommunications Commission. I started programming in 1963 on an IBM 1401,top of range with 16k memory,card reader,card punch,4 tape drives and a HS printer,an amazing machine.

Although I have had a very extensive computer career my exposure to PCs and Microsoft is very limited, I am building my third PC and have just struck a snag with powering on. I have a few things to try to resolve my problem first,but if I have no luck I may be asking you all for some help in a few days time.

Anyway enough of all that,suffice to say I am very happy to meet you all and follow the forum,


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