I have looked all over the web and cannot find a resolution to a basic question.

I am having all kinds of problems with Outlook 2000 (PC). Either the program hangs/freezes on the splash screen when i try to launch it, or it freezes when I try to switch from 1 folder to another folder in my inbox. No error messages, it just freezes. Or i get an hour glass and "Not responding" on top of window. I tried "repair" option in outlook but it didnt help. Often, I have to restart my computer 3 times before I can get Outlook to launch!

Hence...I want to uninstall and reinstall Outlook. But Im afraid I will lose all my email, contacts, sent mail (and it is crucial that I don't); Any suggestions? Please???

I had the same problem. Locate outcmd.dat and rename it to outcmd.old. Try again.

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