Updating to Kubuntu 7.1 disables cd and dvd systems! Solve this by leaving 24 hours updating again and then it works!!

I have followed many forums to get a windows printer (actually two of them) on a xp system as a network printer using KDE. Every time it fails some way through the install printer routine in KDE. Any thoughts?

For safety I keep a 71 CD of Kubuntu and find it great for repairs...

long live Linux but currently only in tandem as I think it is difficult to learn from scratch when things go wrong.

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A little more information on the way (utils/messages) you attempt the install might make diagnosis easier.

linux home printer support is really crappy but support for business modele like lazers, especially HP ones is very good

Thanks so far further info:

I have a samsung laser and a canon s9000 colour printer on a windows network using XP. (2 or 3 computers but only one handles the printers, any XPmachine prints over the network.

In kubuntu I have tried adding printer using the KDE wizard ( in system) and it all starts well and then which ever type of printer system (Windows shared, Network (tcp/ip etc) ) and scanning for a printer it cannot find the printers.
If I try to addd the printer manually putting in for exapmple the URL as //oldcompaq and then the printer name canons9000 as it is known on the control panel and to the network it still cannot find the printer.

I do not think it is a ID / password problem . ( The PCs all use same ID and password and the linux has its own but even if I put the pcs passwords etc into the place where it asks for it during set up (no password/guest/ or ID and password) it still refuses access or cannot find the printers. the Linux machine can see the other machines through Samba but the PCs can not see the linux machine.!! There is no firewall on hte linux... The network goes through a ethernet hub. That hub is connected to the ADSL modem and ALL machines can access both internet and emails individually ....The linux machine can only copy files over samba to a local copy it does not seem to be able to open them and change them. It gives the note that samba is only partially supported, but I do not know if this has any bearing on hte printing!
I agree wit hte note about HP support but I have for other reasons gone away from HP mainly to do with bloatware type software!
In hte end it is probably easier to buy anothr small printer but as a challenge I would like to get it working as I appreciate linux more and more but find the learning curve difficult.

Thanks to all for continued attempts to solve this one.

I've done it.... success at last (two months or more.... great.... and how you perhaps wonder.

Well I was fed up with KDE falling over and not finding printers so in the adept manager I looked around for printing programs and came across gnome-cups and thought well in for a penny or throw the thing out of the window. Installed it and then found under the settings on main menu a new item called printer had arrived. On using that (the gnome system) it has run through without any real (only minor) difficulties and totally detected the network printers and also installed and printed to my samsung laser. Now I really will beging to use Linux....

thanks to all for help

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