Okay here goes my bone headed inquiry for the day.

I am interested in taking classes to get my IT certification. Since I know so little (nothing) about what I am asking, I am not sure I am being thorough in the question i am asking.

I want to be able to build websites, and understand computers (mostly) to tweak and fix most problems. As well as set up a network etc.

Dell offers some classes and I wanted you guys opinions on those and which ones in specific I need. I am hoping to eventually make my own little business off of this skill. Babysteps!

All input is appreciated, unless you want to tell me I'm a bone head :lol: . Thanks!


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If you want to repair computers, an A+ would probably be suitable. If you want to repair Windows installations, probably an MCSE cert is the way to go. For Linux stuff, you could consider Red Hat's certifications, though the material won't apply universally. Other distros might also have something. For networking, look into Cisco's line of certifications (CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE if you're crazy good) (while these not vendor neutral, they are still highly valued). I don't know what's out there for webmaster certs.

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