Hi, folks,
Please be gentle this is my first time on a forum and I don't know about the rules, decorum, how to behave etc. So let me introduce myself.
My name is, of course, Colin Mallett, and though I was born in Britain, I've lived in Melbourne Australia since 1961. I'm an old geezer aged sixty eight. I remember steam trains, photography using a box brownie, computing using rows of little beads on bits of wire, omelletes made from powdered egg, policemen who boxed ones ears instead of tazering one, and I remember when a glimpse of stocking was ..............
I've been "into" computers since 1979. Oh yes I have! My first was an Atari 800, and I learned to programme in Atari Basic. Since then I've graduated through GWBasic , QuickBasic 4.5, then Visual Basic 4, 5 & 6. (My favourite is still quickBasic 4.5, which I still programme on an ancient rubber-band-powered 486!)
My misfortune is that my enthusiasm for fiddling with and tweaking my computer, far far exceeds my knowledge and expertise. This is good for my local computer fixer who now owns three homes in the Bahamas thanks to my frequent use of his fixing skills.
My latest idea is to wean myself off this guy's services by joining Daniweb.
So you will be hearing from me again and again and again and again .................
Till then..............
Colin Mallett

Welcome to Daniweb! I am sure you will learn alot from this community :)