Do you know how many quantities of the computer radiation are?
1. keyboard 1000V/M
2. mouse 450V/M
3. screen 218V/M
4. host 170V/M

Therefore, while using the computer and enjoying pleasure of having accesses to the Internet, please take care.


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mmmmm.. the warm and comforting glow of the CRT. How else is one to get a tan?


......goes and gets the Radiation Suit out of the hall closet.

can you buy one rad suit for me ,i pay the price you pay the shipment.haha :mrgreen:


Nah, no worries here. My 'lead filled Levi's' protect my...err...more sensitive regions. ;)

lead that will be lead poisoning. :cry:
and if you fill with lead how can you move,how much about the lead u fill in the levi

view the link below and you will know what to do :


From that website:
"“FANGFUWANG can highly effectively absorb the harmful electromagnetic wave in your side, and return you a healthy and comfortable space back!"

Well now, I have a harmful electromagnetic wave in my SIDE? Could that be why I get these sudden urges to DANCE? ;)


OK, OK- all in good fun, but not a technical hardware question, so off to the Geek's lounge we go...

By the way hkxf- your post is bordering on spam, as you've posted about the dangers of radiation and then linked to your site, which, surprise- sells products to reduce radiation. Please refrain from such advertising here in the future. If you would like to advertise your product on this site, please contact the site administrator (cscgal) to discuss rates and other specifics.

Thank You.


yeah that is really close to spam and for the fact that there really isnt enough radiation comeing out of your computer to hurt you. i have dont a science project on this and i know that the numbers are so little that it dont even matter. if i have to i can pull out my report and find out the numbers coming from the monitor :)


Don't tell George Bush, or computers will be filed under "evil-doers" and "terists".


I thought terists be'd spelt with two "r"s.....


Oh... so one "r" isn't good enough fer ya? Where you from, thinking all sepeerier?

eyes Dave suspiciously...

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