Has anyone had this problem with Hotmail before? I can't access my account from any computer. I thought it might just be my computer so I ran virus scans, deleted temporary internet files and everything that has been mentioned in this forum. Still nothing. Error message is "Page cannot be displayed." Tried to log on using another computer and still nothing.

I've sent emails to Hotmail but so far no response. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this in the past.


I have exactly the same problem and for the past couple of days have not been able to access my account. The message "This page cannot be displayed" appears everytime. Other people using the same computer and connection can still access their hotmail accounts.
I have also e-mailed hotmail several times but have had no replys.
Have you found a solution? If not is there anyone else out ther who knows what to do to fix it??? please help!

There have been quite a few posts over the last several days regarding access to Hotmail, so I'm pretty sure it's 'their' problem and not much you can do about it but wait. I've heard they're planning some big upgrade this fall, so they're probably adding servers and stuff.

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