Hi. My name is Lu. I've been doing minor repairs on computers for 12 years. I used to teach high school. I taught French, English, and ComputerScience. I found this site because of Vista and I thought I might like to hang out here from time to time.
I started a blog because I have a question. Don't know if I did that correctly. I hit the RSS button have no idea what that did. I have no Avatar and don't know how to get one.
I have 2 Weimaraners and a poodle, Raphie, Brighton and Brandy.
I am just now learning Vista--not too impressed yet.:)

Hi Lu, welcome to DaniWeb.

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The Blog is not the right place to be asking questions, you will be lucky to get your question answered in a timely fashion and fairly likely to get your posting deleted. You should browse the forums and find the one that is best suited to the subject of your question and ask it there - that way you are exposed to the most people with the most relevant knowledge.

Thank You. I've read the guide. I'm starting to catch on. At least I'm introduced.

Nice of you to join us!

Hello and Welcome to Daniweb :)