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New Xbox 360 Dashboard next month


According to BIOS Magazine there is a new Xbox 360 Dashboard interface coming our way real soon now, like next month.

In a move that has been designed to make it easier buy additional functionality as well as improve the social aspects of the Xbox 360 gaming experience, Microsoft is also reported to be launching the sale of user generated game content for the console.

"The first major change to the system involves basic navigation" the article says, adding "The top-level channels now consist of six items that closely resemble the menu structure of Windows Media Center: Spotlight, Games, My Xbox, Primetime, Community, and Videos. Each option contains additional functionality in sub-menu options and contains major innovations."

Interestingly, when you press the controller guide button during game play a miniature version of the dashboard blades pop up allowing access pretty much from anywhere at any time.

Then there is that user generated content to consider. "The Games channel will let you easily find games to purchase and explore" BIOS says, which will include demos, full downloads and game previews.

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