Hello IT experts! I am a high school student doing a research project about programmers and people in the IT field. Could you please be so kind and answer these four questions.

1. What do you do for a living? (What is your exact job title?)
2. What would a typical day at work look like?
3. Where were you trained and how was it?
4. What are the easiest and hardest parts of your job?

Do as many as you feel like doing. The more replies I get the better for me to get to know the different jobs you have.

Thank you all very much for your help!

Hi, Adam

1. Network manager and general fix it guy/person.
2. Well I wake up at 6:30, take the dog out...just joking. Mostly its maintenance of the network and creating "what if" user and procedure manuals.
3. Trained at CTI (Computer Training Institute - South Africa) where I studied and qualified as an IT engineer and I am currently studying CCNA part time. If you have a passion for computers and networks, and want to learn more about them. Its really fun but it depends on where you study and what support can be given to you. You need to study hard as there are a lot of facts that you need to remember. But having a fun time while you learn is also important.
4. The easiest part of my job is... Now that I think about it nothing it life is easy, now the nicest part for me is know I helped someone(but thats just me) . The hardest part I would say is finding the problem, from there you can work out a solution and follow through on it.* REMEMBER* to record what happened, for future refrence.

Hope this helped.

I'm gonna give a college student's pov

1. still studying computer engineering

2. lots of mathematics classes (both theory and applications)... exams almost everyday (my scores range from F to A with A being the higher probability)

3. training eh? i'm still in college and i've got to adimit that only half of my subjects are useful for future occupations

4. easiest part.. exams.. hardest part.. exams as well.. I can't really explain much

Alright! thank you both very much, and perfect timing. Your responses were great especially Impi's. Wish me luck on my presentation. Thanks again