So I get this call. Would I like an exclusive briefing on a new technology that's going to turn text into speech - the first one to do this 'native'.

Forgive me, but no I don't. This typifies, in my view, the all-too-common view that a technical advance ought to be done for the sake of it. Let's examine a few facts:

1. There are numerous text to voice facilities on the Web. OK, they don't do texting but they do a lot else.

2. I'm really quite good at reading.

3. If I'm in a position in which I can't read a text - by which I take it we mean 'I'm driving' - I don't want to be distracted by the message either. It's bad enough that the wonders of Bluetooth have forced me to take calls.

4. Oh lookee here, I've been sent a thing to review called a CV 9040 from Bury Technology. And it does, wait for it, voice to text among other things. I've had it on my desk for two months.

So no, I'll cope without an 'exclusive' on a new technology that I've had on my desk for months. Yes, I'm sure the new tech does it in a different way, but ciuld someone remind me why anyone should care?

You're a little mean...

Spot on though. I don't think people really care about his stuff enough to actually want anything more than what's available.

this is for people who have disabilities. They want to be able to experience technology as we do, so don't blame the product.

TheNNS, you miss the point. If it had been marketed as a product for people with disabilities I might have agreed with you - but it wasn't. It was marketed as being for everyone. More importantly it was marketed as unique and it's very far from that, as I mention in the blog entry. Offered an exclusive on something that's been in the shops for two months and you think I'm blaming the technology?

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