hi frens

Iam working on a website development project.Iam using dreamweaver for that. I have to create a news and events page. when the new content and events are added to the page old content should go into the archives section in others words (its should be like a queue First in last out). Is is possible to do this dynamically by some coding or I hav to do it manually. Plz give ur ideas and advice......... Tell me what is the general method of maintaining news and events page.

plz help...

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I would suggest you to use a CMS (Content Management System). Specially you can go for Wordpress. You will get Archive functionality built in. What you have to do is customize the Wordpress theme according to your need.

I belive there is no reason to invent wheel again when it is already invented. Wish you best of luck

You can download the newest version of Wordpress from here :

Wish you best of luck.


Thank you so much CoolSaint.

But since its a academic project they expect me to do it by manual coding.
so i want to know is it possible to do that using asp.net with some database if necessary.....


I am sorry cutebab. I am not good with asp.net and sql server combination. If PHP/Mysql is okay let me know I will try to find some code for you.

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