Guys i need to know what are the constraints in designing a spell-checker program? for example Word processor ignores acronyms and does not check them. Could anyone think of more contraints that should be considered when designing a spell-checker?


You're designing a spell checker and having thought of this? Give me a good reason why I should help you wreak havoc with your crappy code (justified presumption).

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You could ignore words with numbers in them, such as c3po and r2d2. You'll want to be case-sensitive, tolerating capitalization of the first word of a sentence. You'll want to worry about the capitalization after the colon: Sometimes it's reasonable to have a word capitalized after one. Or at least I think so.

Looking at the code side of it you will need to be able to optimise the code so that it can search through the massive dictionary files as quick as possible.

Also you need to be able to predict what word the user is trying to spell

You won't want to search through dictionary files; you'll want to load them in memory. As far as searching for a specific word goes, that's not a terribly intensive process.