I need to troubleshoot my network logon (it's taking about 2 mins). I run a network with win2003 servers and winxp clients.

I need to put a PAUSE in the LOGON.BAT file to see what stage things are happening, but the command window that comes on wont stay on screen.

Any help much appreciated.

need more info. on which machine you want to troubleshoot the logon? server? ws? running ad? dhcp or static ips? how many gateways? internal/external dns? when last was dns cache flushed? how many nics in machine which reqs troubleshooting? lan backbone? copper or fibre? hub concentrators or switches?

you can redirect the logon script output into a log file and review that

Need to troubleshoot the WinXP client machine. Use AD & DHCP. Gateway probably not relevant as the machine works fine once it is logged on. Internal DNS. One NIC per machine. LAN backbone is a mixture of copper & fibre. All switches.


well, usually long logons mean DNS trouble on the DC. review the DNS logs on the server. also, have a look at the nslookup command on the workstation - does it immediately show the server's IP as first accessed DNS server, or fails the first one and switches to the second controller?

netsh winsock reset is always a good troubleshooting step in windows

I think I will give in on this one nad go for VBSCRIPTS via GPO's.

Thanks for your comments.