I am keeping these to 100 pixel height thumbs so the JPEGs range between 5 and 15k (trying to safe Dani some disk space). You give me an educated guess what plane it is. I will (or you should) acknowledge the first correct guess.

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Very good thread. Nice idea.
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MiG-29. I'd have to look up some data to find out the exact submodel used by the Luftwaffe, but I believe it's the A.

And no, that's not a difficult one at all.


Yes, it is a German Luftwaffe MIG-29, so the recognition goes to jwenting!

Nice pictures of the air show! However, the picture you listed as a MIG-29 is actually a MIG-35.

Here is our mystery airplane #2. Can you guess it?

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JB you are right on, it is a US Navy F14 with a special paint job and a Playboy Bunny Icon on the tail.

Here is plane #3

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how about the person who wins chooses the next one?

Anyone is welcome to put a plane up, so go ahead with plane #4. Just number them to keep order.


Is it the Mirage 2000?

Very close! Just let me tell you that the Swiss slightly modified this type for low altitude flying in the alps.


You are getting rather good at this JB. It is a Mirage3.

Now I have to add plane #4 since no one else did. Here it is:

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chinese J10??? can you post bigger pictures please

can i do #5?

clue: saw service in the falklands and as a nuclear bomber

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Larger Images? I will try, but I don't want to get much past 30k.

In your case JB, you got to take the plane's name out of your filename! Otherwise it's too easy to say plane #5 is a Vulcan!


The MiG I showed is in fact a MiG-29, vegaseat. It's listed as such in the airshow program by the design bureau and was announced as such as well :)

The current image shows the Berkut, an experimental FSW fighter based loosely on the Flanker. Never entered series production.

jbennet is showing a Vulcan.


Jwenting is correct, plane #4 is the Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut (Golden Eagle).

Why would the Russians show such an old design as the MIG29 in the 2006 air show? But again Jwenting is right the MIG35 is an updated MIG29 and didn't come out until 2007.

Plane #6 is an old timer.

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The MiG-29 has undergone constant development over the years. This version is the very latest, with new avionics, engines, moving nozzles, etc. etc.
See the other photos in the series for what it can do :)

Yep, that's a Mustang.

And here's another one for the whirlybird lovers.

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