Happy St. Patty's day to all you Irish folk, and to all others that celebrate it as an excuse to get drunk :-)

Google did something rare today. They usually modify the logo keeping the existing red/white/blue color motif. Today...All Green.

How many of you find out when holidays and events are from the Google logo? I do all the time.

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I think it always go's green for ST Pat's day.

Yeah seeing the different logo's does make me click to see what they are on about especially things like mothers day in US (which is not the same as UK) or Earth day (which I never even heard before Google had a special logo for it)



You beat me to it dani, I love Google for being so simple in design and yet give the visitors an eye candy. Karma++ for Google each time they do that; as they also do it in good quality. None of the images look poor.

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