I was wondering if anyone knew of a good 5 day C++ class in the bay area or southern california. My company is looking to send a few of us to a week long training. The only one that I found was Hands on Training. Anyone know if this company is any good, or if there are any other good companies. Thanks!

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This is a little of topic, but what courses will you be specializing in?

5 days seems fairly quick unless it's a specialization training course then I'd understand.

Sorry for the random question, just curious. Disregard it if you want to keep that kind of information confidential.



My company will pay for course so they want to train us in a week rather then us have to take a 3 month community college course. Just an introduction to C++ in a 5 days. I found on google that www.traininghott.com offers a 5 day course (9-5pm) every day but I have no idea if its good. Just wondering if there were any other companies that offer this type of program that people can vouch for.

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