Some school kids in Louisiana got a surprise last Monday when sitting at their computers: the floating head of Barack Obama on-screen. They were amongst the first to be infected with the Obama-head worm which spreads via USB memory sticks courtesy of the Windows Autorun feature which is causing widespread problems for victims of the conficker worm right now.

Obama-head has not infected millions of computers though, nor has it sunk the Royal Navy, in fact it has hardly made an impact at all. Yet.

Which is hardly surprising seeing as all it seems to do is float that disembodied head of the 44th President of the United States around the bottom of your desktop. What's more, it only does so on Mondays! Trouble is, appearances can be deceptive and reports suggest that this is such a badly coded bit of junk that it eats up system resources and eventually grinds your PC to a halt, preventing the execution of just about any other files.