@ sneekula

Plane 32 is a Su 37?

You are correct, plane #32 is a SU37 Terminator in sexy colors.

Ene's plane #33 looks a lot like a Sopwith Camel in the traditional camouflage colours.

Here is plane #34. It is credited with the first kill of a German plane in WW1.

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Plane #31 looks like Boeing should have made it. Maybe it's the latest fighter plane sold to the USAF. Works well, it makes the enemy laugh so hard that they fall out of the sky!

Plane #34 is actually an ingenious design, since it allowed the shooter to use his machine gun with an 180 degree front clearance to clobber the enemy. It is a French Voisin_III, originally designed for crop dusting.

Here is plane #35, something even young jbennet should know.

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RNthAF F-16A Block 10 MLU, serial number J-055, No 313 squadron, Volkel AB, the Netherlands.
Pilot is Captain Ralph Aarts, RNthAF.

Sorry, don't have the construction number at hand (but I can probably look it up for you).


Plane 35 looks like a Mirage F1 to me.

Edit: Wow jwenting gave a lot of info on plane 35, guess he is probably right. My knowledge about planes is not very good :)


Plane #31 is likely a Fokker C.IV or C.V, but I can't for the life of mine scare up a picture.

Plane #35 is distinctly a dutch F16 (most likely made by Fokker), the oval belly-air- intake and the single engine are a give away sign.

Here is another belly-air-intake fighter, plane #36

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I am sure plane #36 is Typhoon. Saudi Arabia just ordered huge amount of them.

Here is plane #37, an oldy but goody:

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#37, one of my old favorites. Dad worked on those when I was kid, when he was stationed in France.

F-84F Thunderstreak


#37, one of my old favorites. Dad worked on those when I was kid, when he was stationed in France.

F-84F Thunderstreak

Wow, that was quick, you are of course correct!

Quickly, let's put in plane #38, not quite so old but still very good:

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It's been long enough. #40 - An-71 MADCAP, and Airborne Early Warning system that never went into production.

#41 - a collection. Here's a little view of the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB - how many in this row can you ID?

Isn't GoogleEarth fun?

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2 F-111s
2 Orions (looks like)
? could be a King Air
F-111 or Tornado
An RB-45
A Canberra
An F-8
An F-105
An F-101, looks too big to be an F-88
A KFir
F-111 or F-14

sadly a bit small to be quite certain about all of them.



Pretty good on the Boneyard Classics. I don't believe any non-US aircraft are stored there, so Kfir and Tornado are not valid. There's one Orion (P-3), his neighbor is something else. There's no RB-45, it's something a bit rarer and more exotic. (another one my dad worked in the USAF)
With three F-111s on display, I'd guess the leftmost one's an EF-111 (the jammer) and the one in the middle of the row might be an FB-111, can't really tell if it's much bigger.

So, still a couple to nail down.


#39 - English Electric Lightning? Originally produced as BAC Lightning?

You are correct!
Jwenting identified plane #36 correctly as a Typhoon.

Jwenting's pusher plane #42 looks interesting, on to do research!


The USAF purchased a number of KFirs from the IDFAF in the 1980s, so there could be some at AMARC.
The rightmost one I thought a P-3 indeed looks different. DC6 or DC7 derivative most likely.
It's indeed no RB-45, I got the designation wrong. It's an RB-57 (probably an E or F version), Martin's version of the Canberra designed as a high altitude spyplane for the USAF.


It's a KFir CE, next time don't take pictures from Wikipedia :)

You are so smart! Got this picture from a friend, so I don't know who took the actual picture.

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