You can tell from my screenname is Joe. I live on the coast of MS. Yes redneck central here. Looking to attend my local CC for a applied science degree (associates) and hopefully do this type of stuff for a living. Need some help on what fields or what courses would help me out in the long run ex.. sql,oracle,cisco etc... I've even bought my first book "Beginners guide to programming" yes the dummies book ha. I'm selling my car and saving up for school so I'm pretty dedicated to doing this just need some good directions on which way to go with it..


Joe, welcome to the field! I'll be glad to provide my 2¢ worth of experience.

My first question to you: where (and I mean this in the geographical sense) do you see yourself working? Is it in an office, a hospital, a research facility, the government, outside in the wild?

Hi Joe... Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Don't really care where I work.. AFB,Hospitals,Banks etc...
I'm 22 and haven't attended college but selling my car and saving up with 2 jobs to attend this fall. Just need to know what courses and if I should double major in programming and networking/security..

I guess where I'm going with this question is: do you care about anything at all? Salary? Working hours? What kind of company you'll work for, either big corp or small biz? Do you see yourself programming all day in a clean cubicle, or wandering around in rows of equipment, plugging cables and configuring routers? Would you rather program an office computer, a medical device that might save lives, or on a military aircraft's IFF device? Do you see yourself helping other people solve their computer problems, or would you rather work alone on a very specific task? What do you like most: web applications like facebook or myspace, robotics, games, fiddling around in your home network, taking your computer apart and reassembling it?

It's a big world out there Joe, there's lots and lots of possibilities for someone that is technically inclined. It's quite all right if you don't know what you want at this point, don't let that stop you. I suggest you try everything. Load your curriculum with as much variety as possible and I'm pretty sure something will come up as more interesting than everything else to you. When that happens, go for it and grab as many courses in that field as you can.

Glad to have you with us!