Iam look looking some standalone python package for both in windows and linux.

In windows py2exe tool serving my purpose,is there any similar tool i can find in linux.?

Though most of linux machine having python installation,but some customized linux machines are not having python.If some body suggest me py2exe like tool for linux,it would be helpful for me execute python script in linux machine which doesnt have python installation.


Hi nirmalarasu,

I think freeze is what you're looking for.

There's a package called 'distutils' in python. You can find a description in the Python help / Global module index

Thanks four all your replies.
based on your suggestions,I found PyInstaller tool for python stand alone applications.
it easy to make windows exe and linax binary.

Hi nirmalarasu,

I have to say, doing things this way runs counter to the Linux philosophy. You shouldn't be trying to smuggle a mutilated Python interpreter (plus whatever modules you need) onto someone else's machine via freeze or py2exe. That kind of thing might fly on a Windows system, where you're dealing with casual users who don't want to install anything extra, but Linux users by and large want to know what has been installed on their systems so that they can fix any problems which might arise later.

What you ought to do is design an RPM or a Debian-style package with an explicitly declared dependency on Python packages. That way, the users find out up front what your software is doing. Not only that, but package design is a valuable skill to pick up if you want to write open source software for general use. Here is a link to get you started on Debian packages, if you're interested.

Hope this helps!

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