hi all, hope you are well. I was just wondering what music genre(s) you all like and loathe lol

Classic rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Metal are my favorites. Just about anything from the 60's 70's 80's.

Rap and most music made within the 2000's

yeah i agree with you on the dislikes there Jasimp, rap is not my cup o' tea at all!


Rock, 80's, some metal, drum n bass, electronic


Rap, modern RnB, hip hop etc

i play bass guitar.

i like metal/rock

i dont like noise though. i like something talented

hate rap (apart from eminem, he is okay) and not a big fan of club/dj type music or pop

I wish I could play a musical instrument, but, I guess its not for me....lol (two left hands!)

lol my musical repertoire doesn't even stretch far enough to get a high score on raving rabbids 2 (Wii)

Love Reggae and old R&B.
Hate most of the modern stuff.

yeah I agree with you there; about most modern stuff not being great!