Hello all:

After searching a several sites this one caught my eye with the well organized layout and colors for the forum. Being in design and development this is key for me in joining any online community. Good work everyone involved.

I am hoping to learn more about developing apps for OSX and learn more about PHP. I have a myriad of ideas and people i can shop them too, but i want to know exactly how they work and have working models that i can create on my own. Prior to this i've hired programers to develop ideas, for the time being i am taking a year off to learn French and how to bring to life some of these ideas.

Hope to co-create with many of you.



Thanks jasimp... i think i have about a week of reading to do here in order to get up to speed. Judging by the amount of post you have, we may cross paths in the near future, that is you might reply to one of my questions.


Anything is possible on Daniweb. :)

HI CaribbeanOSX...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Hi there and welcome to DaniWeb :)

Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to Daniweb :)